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Future Focused Podcast

Feb 9, 2020

In this episode of The Future Focused Podcast, I highlight the importance of vision in leadership.

Vision is the navigation system for an organization. Vision is the navigation system for a leader. Vision guides what we are to do and lets us know when we are off track. 

How well do you know your organization's vision?

What is the vision for your life?

Of the six core elements of leadership, vision is the element that most quickly distinguishes a leader from a manager.

In this episode, I will discuss not only the importance of vision but how to create a compelling vision. I will also hare the six most important ingredients of a vision.

You will also be given two leadership challenges this week.

This episode of The Future Focused Podcast will help you personally and professionally level-up and live a more dynamic life.  Your investment of twelve minutes in this podcast 

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