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Future Focused Podcast

Jan 13, 2020

In this episode of The Future Focused Podcast, I focus on the importance of Emotional Intelligence. What is it? Why do we need it? How do we build it?

If you really want to become an exceptional leader… If you really want to live an incredible life… you need to build your emotional intelligence. If you’re struggling in leadership or struggling in life your lack of emotional intelligence may very well be the obstacle that’s holding you back.

Emotional intelligence is something that is growing in importance in both the workplace and home. It is something I believe it extremely important to individuals, teams, and leaders… no matter where you lead… in the home, at work, a sports team… a battlefield, online, offline, everywhere.

Most people don't know what it is nor why they need it. Well, that is changing, and it's changing at a rapid pace. Self-care, wellness, and emotional intelligence are fortunately becoming common practice in the workplace and home. 

Find out what it is, why it’s important and how you can increase your Emotional Intelligence to bring peace and prosperity, health and happiness, to your life.

It’s time  to level-up your leadership and design a more dynamic life. It’s time to get future-focused.

Mentioned in this episode:

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday: This is the book that I read a section of every day and have been for years. This is one of the ways I build my emotional intelligence. 

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Wishing you much success!
May your 2020 be filled with good health and happiness, peace and prosperity, much love and laughter.
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