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Future Focused Podcast

Jan 14, 2018

This fourth episode of The Future Focused Podcast is all about How to Turn a Setback Into a Power Move.

I don't want you to simply recover from a setback, I want you to be able to turn into something you can benefit from and catapult yourself into even a greater success.

Yes, a setback really can become a power move with the mindset, systems, actions, and tips discussed in this episode. I was sure to give you genuine examples and everything is actionable.

Listen to this podcast because you will experience a setback at some point. It's not if it's going to happen, it's just a matter of when. Will you be prepared? You will if you listen to this podcast.

Also, I have book giveaway opportunity mentioned in this podcast as well as a reveal of what my next publication will be. I hope you will take a listen and follow along at

Mentioned in this podcast:
Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss This is the book I am currently reading!
Along Came a Leader by me, Kelly Croy: This is my book!
A Reveal of My Next Project

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