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Future Focused Podcast

Sep 23, 2020

In this episode of The Future Focused Podcast I share the five financial apps you must have on your phone, and share a little on how to use each one to level up your leadership and design a more dynamic life. 

Finances matter. They really do. You can't lead others nor live your best life if the weight of financial strife is holding you back and impairing your decisions. While these five apps are extremely helpful and will give you an edge, it takes personal discipline to manage your money. These are not get-rich-quick apps or anything like that. These are apps that help you spend less, budget, keep an eye on your money, invest, and learn about finances. 

Money matters. To be a good leader and to design a dynamic life, you need to master your finances, and mastering your finances begins with mastering yourself. You need to be extremely disciplined. Rules I follow: Eliminate Debt. Build savings. Create multiple revenue streams. Invest.  You need these buckets. You do need to have fun too. 

This podcast will serve you well. Let me know what app I should have included and why in the comments below. 


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