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Future Focused Podcast

Dec 28, 2019

In this episode of the Future Focused Podcast I focus on questions!  We need to ask better questions. You see, we ask ourselves hundreds of questions every day. We ask questions of others. Our life is guided by the questions we ask. I will explore how we ask, who we ask, and when we ask and offer guidance on how to improve our questions to get better results. 

In this episode I want to help YOU design a more dynamic life. We design the life we want by the questions we ask. Great questions have power. 

Great questions have several qualities that you will learn in this episode. Get your journal ready to start designing the life you want by the questions you ask. 

Stop asking the same questions and pretending to be surprised when you get the same results. 

Many of you are purchasing gifts this time of year; I hope you will consider my book Along Came a Leader as a gift for yourself, a colleague, and administrator, and a family member this holiday season. It’s available on Amazon. It was a work of love. I am so proud of it. Level-up your leadership. Discover the 8 core attributes of leadership and how to put them work to impact lives and lead. We need leaders. If you’ve already read it, I hope you will leave a review

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