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Future Focused Podcast

Apr 5, 2018

In this episode of the Future Focused Podcast, Kelly will focus on how to make the most of your time, by utilizing a strategy called Micro Missions, based on the ancient Japanese Philosophy of the Kaizen Way.

By using short burst of focused action on one centralized activity or outcome, you will make impressive growth, build impressive habits, and open doors to productivity pathways you never knew existed. 

The key to productivity may very well be centered around "micro" concepts of action, consumption and time. 

If acted upon, the concepts within this short podcast could put you and your future self in the driver's seat to a new direction and new possibilities. 

Hit "play" to get results and focused, future focused.


Mentioned in this podcast: 

I am still reading Tribe of Mentorsby Tim Ferriss and I am loving it! I read about one section every day or every other day.

I am almost finished with the new book from Gary Vaynerchuck Crushing It! and I have to say it is indeed great! I am learning so much! If you want to start a business or side hustle; it is a must.

Do the Work!by Steven Pressfield

 The notebook, aka the secret tool, Kelly used to achieve success and increase productivity: This is the notebook! Click here! I hope you order one right now and invest in yourself. I will be posting about great ways I use my journal to get things accomplished and level-up. You can share your ideas in the comments below.

Kelly’s book, Along Came a Leader, that delves deeper into wisdom and the other 5 core leadership elements.

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