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Future Focused Podcast

Jan 7, 2018

This third episode of The Future Focused Podcast examines how we can be better accountable to fulfilling our goals and building the daily habits needed to design a dynamic life.

I share several systems that you can employ immediately to start making progress on your goals and resolutions, including: The Tom Hanks Method, Accountability Partners, The Utility Bill Method, Event Deadlines, The Kaizen Way, and more.

I also share some amazing resources, tools, and apps you can use to level-up and get an edge on making significant progress.

I emphasis the concepts: that we must master our devices, or they will master us, where we find success, we also find consistency, and discipline can be strengthened with clarity and repetition.

You are going to enjoy this podcast and immediately begin to take action and get results with all you learn.

Mentioned in this podcast: 

Moleskine Journal: This is the journal Kelly uses to brainstorm, plan, set goals, and stay on track.

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss, is one of the books Kelly is reading right now.

The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanely

Apps I use for accountability and habits: Things 3,, Commit to 3, Time, Forest, Evernote, Day One, Scrivener, Udemy, Hootsuite, Pocket,

Thanks for taking time out of your busy week to get FOCUSED on your FUTURE.


Kelly Croy

Inspirational Speaker & Performance Artist

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Should I hire a coach? Yes, but only if you can afford it. You can accomplish much with the right resources. (If you are interested in working with me as your coach this year, please send me an email.)